IMG_3726Question : What exactly is “Dune” sand?

Answer:  This is sand from the coastal region of Oregon.  It is not beach sand, which is found along the water. This sand has been blown away from the water area and does not have the salt content that beach sand has.  It is very fine and smooth.  Under a microscope, the grains look like small spheres.  It’s great sand for your sand boxes.



comparison of sandQuestion: How is dune sand different from regular play sand?

Answer:  The “play sand” we have found at our home improvement stores are dusty, dark, pebble filled gritty sand particles (image on the left).  Most of this play sand is a by product of grinding rock into gravel.  Our sand is found in nature on the dunes (image on the right).  It is tan, smooth and fine.  Our sand is similar to the sand you find on a beach in a coastal area.  


Question: Is dune sand safe for my children to play in?

Answer: Yes!  We had our sand tested (please see documentation pages) to find out the content of our sand.  Since it contains silica (most naturally occurring sand does), we had it tested to see if it contained any detectable dust particles.  It does not.  We have no respirable silica in our play sand we are happy to report! 

Question: I live very far from your location. Can you deliver an order to me?

Answer:  We can deliver pallets (80 bags) of play sand, or super sacks but an additional delivery charge will be added.  Please call Deacon or Hilary and let them know your location so they can give you the correct delivery charge.

Question: What type of payment do you accept?

Answer:  Currently, we accept cash for all orders.  We can accept Paypal, but cost will reflect 3% paypal charge.   We can also accept a check, but we need to hold it until it clears.