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Dune time

There’s nothing like nature to provide us with some great adventures (and vacations).  Here on the dunes, there is an ever changing landscape that offers a wealth of peacefulness, amusement, and some serious exercise.  There is just no landscape like it.  IMG_3729

Now selling in Portland!

Play sand

Piles and piles of 25 pound bags available for sale!

We now have 25 pound bags of play sand from the Oregon coast available for sale in Portland!  Yeah!  No amount too small or too large, we can always get more.  

This is premium sand.  It’s not that awful dusty, pebble filled STUFF they sell at home improvement stores (and toy stores sadly).  It is HONEST TO GOODNESS real sand, like you would find at the beach on the ocean, but since it is from the dunes, it doesn’t have the salt in it like beach sand.  

If you want your kids to have a great time and not inhale a bunch of dirty dust while playing in the sandbox, please call us and buy our sand!